Global Citizenship

Creating a Culture of Citizenship

Being a responsible corporate citizen involves more than health care innovation and outreach. Good citizenship also extends to the way we run our business and conduct ourselves as individuals. While our strategic priorities focus on the material impacts where our company can make the most unique and targeted contributions to society, we are equally focused on creating a culture of citizenship grounded in the foundational elements of sound business practice.

Because the sustainability of business and the sustainability of society are increasingly interdependent, good citizenship requires ingenuity and care in the way we treat colleagues and employees and deal with partners and suppliers. Our citizenship goals are integral to the quality of our involvement with communities throughout the world, and they are perhaps most evident in the high standards of ethics and compliance that we insist upon for ourselves and our partners.

Recognized around the world for its achievements in citizenship, Abbott builds its citizenship strategy on a strong foundation of stakeholder engagement, a commitment to transparency and a workplace environment that enables our employees around the world to achieve their greatest potential.

Note: All data reflects Abbott activities in 2012. Some content has been adjusted to remove data specific to AbbVie, which became a separate company on Jan. 1, 2013.