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A healthy heart is essential to good health. That's why at Abbott, we throw our hearts into advancing treatments for people with cardiovascular disease. Our breakthrough medical technologies — many of which are minimally invasive — help restore people's health so they can get back to living their best lives, faster.


We focus on innovative technologies that can improve the way doctors treat people with vascular diseases, heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) and diseases of the heart’s valves.


Our structural heart valve repair and replacement technologies include mitral valve repair devices, mechanical and tissue valves, transcatheter aortic valve replacement and structural heart occluders.


Our heart failure and cardiac rhythm management devices keep the heart beating at a healthy pace with pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators, diagnostic and ablation catheters, mapping and visualization systems and implantable cardiac monitors. Solutions for treating heart failure with left ventricle assist devices, cardiac rensynchronization therapy and a pulmonary artery pressure monitoring system mean we have many ways to get people’s hearts working better sooner.


Our vascular stents, catheters and guidewires, vessel closure devices and diagnostic and imaging tools help keep hearts healthy.


Amplatzer PFO Occluder closes the patent foramen ovale (PFO) to reduce the risk of ischemic stroke, and is the only device approved in the United States for PFO. It’s been proven to reduce the risk of recurrent ischemic stroke over medical management alone.


Amplatzer Amulet closes the left atrial appendage (LAA) of the heart to reduce the risk of stroke in people with atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) who cannot rely on blood thinners.


Portico, treats aortic stenosis in people where traditional valve replacement is not ideal. Available in Europe in four sizes, it improves control, ease of use and is fully repositionable before being deployed. It lowers the occurrence of paravalvular leak, a relatively rare complication following surgical replacement of mitral and aortic valves.


And our innovative, first-in-class therapy MitraClip. MitraClip— the first transcatheter mitral valve repair — delivers a therapeutic option when no other option exists. Having been implanted in more than 50,000 people worldwide, MitraClip is a well-established therapy with a growing body of clinical and real-world experience.


Quadra Allure CRT-P and Quadra Assura CRT-D — our cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices — use leads to coordinate the rhythm of the heart’s ventricles, allowing it to beat more effectively. Leading the industry with the first available quadripolar pacing system, which uses four electrodes instead of the traditional two electrodes, Quadra Allure and Quadra Assura give doctors more options to effectively and efficiently manage heart failure.


Our CardioMEMS HF system is a pulmonary artery pressure monitoring sensor that allows physicians to proactively manage heart failure patients in an effort to keep them out of the hospital. CardioMEMS is the only heart failure monitoring device that can detect changes in the pressure of blood flowing through the vessel between your heart and lungs. This information allows physicians to indicate worsening heart failure — even before you notice symptoms — and adjust medications, potentially preventing hospitalization.


HeartMate II and HeartMate 3 left ventricle assist devices (LVAD) are mechanical heart pumps that help people when their hearts are too weak to pump blood on its own.


HeartMate II is a continuous-flow LVAD for both bridge-to-transplantation (short term) and destination therapy (long term) support. It is the first device of its kind to be approved by FDA for advanced heart failure, it and is the most studied and widely used LVAD with more than 25,000 implants.


HeartMate 3 is the next generation in LVAD technology. Its centrifugal-flow design uses full MagLev (fully magnetically-levitated) technology, which allows the device’s rotor to be “suspended” and precisely positioned by magnetic forces, reducing the trauma to blood passing through the pump, improving blood flow as well as a recipient’s quality of life.


Our Confirm RX insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) detects irregular heartbeats. It's the first smartphone compatible insertable cardiac monitor to support optimal diagnosis and treatment.


Abbott's MRI-labeled ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) devices and CRT (cardiac resynchronization therapy) devices send high-voltage electrical pulses to the heart if it's beating too quickly. They are among the smallest available, give doctors the ability to customize energy pulses to a patient's needs, and allow full-body MRI scans.


The Assurity MRI Pacemaker also sends low-voltage pulses to hearts beating too slowly. It’s the smallest, longest-lasting wireless pacemaker that allows full-body MRI scans.



EnSite PrecisionTM Cardiac Mapping System allows physicians to capture more data in a shorter amount of time during cardiac mapping to support ablation procedures.


AdvisorTM HD Grid Mapping Catheter offers a first-of-its kind electrode configuration for high density mapping. The catheter is used in conjuction with our EnSite Precision Cardiac Mapping System.


Our FlexAbilityTM Ablation Catheter, Sensor EnabledTM and TactiCath QuartzTM Contact Force Ablation Catheter ablate tissue in the heart to restore the heart’s rhythm. Ablation is a procedure to remove a small area of heart tissue causing irregular heartbeats.


For coronary intervention, our extensive portfolio of drug-eluting stents, bare metal stents, coronary guidewires, balloon dilatation catheters, and guiding catheters and accessories help provide innovative, minimally invasive and cost-effective ways to treat coronary artery disease.


Products range from our XIENCE family of drug-eluting stents and TREK balloon dilation catheters to coronary guidewires.



In peripheral intervention, our full range of products includes peripheral stents, peripheral guidewires, dilation catheters and guiding catheters. The range includes Absolute Pro Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System, Armada 35 Catheter and the Supera Peripheral Stent System.



Suture-mediated and vascular closure products designed to facilitate secure closure of the vascular access site after diagnostic or interventional catheterizations, including the Perclose ProGlide Suture-Mediated Closure System and StarClose SE Vascular Closure System.


Two distinct carotid stents and embolic protection systems to offer physicians a choice in systems to best meet a patient’s needs, including the Acculink Carotid Stent System and Emboshield NAV6 Embolic Protection System.



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