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Less-invasive cardiovascular surgery means fewer complications and healthier lives for millions of patients worldwide. From next-generation technologies to essential vascular devices, our products are helping lay the foundation for better surgical outcomes—every day.



All organs need a healthy blood supply to function—including the heart. Combining breakthrough medical device engineering and proven design, Abbott’s minimally invasive coronary devices help physicians open coronary blockages to restore blood flow.

Featured Products:




Designed for minimally invasive treatment, our endovascular products help physicians open blocked blood vessels in peripheral areas outside the heart. Our products for peripheral artery disease address blockages in the abdomen and legs. Our carotid artery stenting products help treat stroke-causing blockages in the neck. A pioneer in closure technologies, Abbott offers both suture-based and clip-based closure products for securing the vascular access site after coronary and peripheral catheterizations.


Featured Peripheral Products:

Absolute Pro
Omnilink Elite
Armada 35 LL
Armada 14
Hi-Torque Winn

Featured Carotid Products:

RX Acculink
RX Accunet
Emboshield NAV6

Featured Vessel Closure:

Perclose ProGlide
StarClose SE

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