Scope of Care

Diversity is a wonderful source of strength. Abbott draws on our diversity of expertise, geographies and technologies to spur innovation that addresses important health needs at every stage of life.


Diagnosing disease to help patients and physicians make the right treatment decisions. View Products


Transforming the treatment of cardiac and vascular disease. View Products

Diabetes Care

Developing next-generation meters for breakthrough diabetes care. View Products

Vision Technologies

Advancing the science of vision, from daily eye care to LASIK. View Products


Pioneering nutrition solutions for every stage of life. View Products


Trusted brands, innovative packaging and new delivery solutions to meet regional needs worldwide. View Products

Animal Health

A name you can trust in advancing veterinary care. View Products

Redefining Responsibility

Redefining Responsibility

At Abbott, our focus is on innovating the future through the development of new health products and patient solutions while upholding the highest standard of ethical practices; enhancing access throughout emerging markets and regions of the world; supporting patient and practitioner needs every step of the way; and safeguarding our environment. Our Priorities

About Abbott

About Abbott

Our ranks include many of the finest minds in science and medicine, working side by side to improve the health of millions worldwide. Working together, we have helped spark the world to imagine what is possible and spurred invention to seize opportunities: we are driven by a shared vision and a single mission: translating science into improving peoples’ lives. Our Story

Introducing Abbvie


In January 2013, Abbott reached one of the most important milestones in its celebrated history. Abbott has separated into two independent companies: Abbott and AbbVie.
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