How to Follow Up After Your Interview

Recruiters share how you can show interest without being pushy throughout the hiring process.

HIRE EXPERIENCE     |    Dec. 12, 2019

During the Interview

You can take a bit of guesswork out of the experience by simply asking about the hiring process during your interview.

“During the interview, ask about timing – how long will it be before you hear back once your interviews are complete,” said Bryan Quick, senior manager, university relations.

While you'll still want to thank your interviewers, you'll have a better idea of how long to wait to ask about the status of the job itself.

Immediately after the Interview

It's always good etiquette to thank your interviewers for their time and if you haven't asked about the hiring timeline, you can do so in this note. Ana Galvis, senior manager, diagnostics recruiting, notes that recruiters are accustomed to fielding questions about next steps. Plus, this further demonstrates your interest in the company.

Send a thank you note within 24 hours, whether physical or via email, to each person who interviewed you. "It leaves the people you spoke to with a good feeling," Galvis said.

Weeks following the Interview

Don’t panic if you don't hear back immediately after sending your thank you notes. Remember the person you contacted may be busy or out of the office.  But if you still haven't heard back a week later, it's safe to follow up.

Of course, if you already know the hiring timeline, you'll want to wait to respond until after that time has passed.

"If the company says, 'two weeks,' then wait two weeks and then respond back after that," Quick said.

Keep your interview follow-up notes short and to the point, letting the recruiter or hiring manager know you're looking for an update.

If, in the meantime, you receive a job offer from a second company, let the first recruiter or hiring manager know. You can either say you've taken the job and would like to stay in touch for future opportunities or you can express your continued interest in the open position. You can ask if they have a timeline for deciding and gauge whether it's worth the risk of keeping your other offer waiting.