Looking for a Top Internship You'll Find it at Abbott

Our global programs for college students have earned top honors in the U.S. and certifications across 25 countries.

HIRE EXPERIENCE     |    Dec. 5, 2022

Medical device engineer. IT business analyst. Finance manager.

What do these job titles have in common? They’re all Abbott positions held by employees who started their careers as Abbott interns.

Offering college students around the world the hands-on experience and skills needed to advance from intern to full-time employee is one way Abbott is building tomorrow's diverse, innovative workforce.

That’s why we're proud to have received several honors in 2022 recognizing our college internship programming.

"We want successful Abbott interns to go on to become even more successful Abbott employees in the future," said Mary Moreland, Executive Vice President, Human Resources. "We support them on this journey with development and mentoring opportunities, and our variety of businesses give them the chance to pursue many different careers at the same company."

Abbott's internships are a critical to accomplishing the talent goals in our 2030 Sustainability Plan, which aims to help more people in more places live fuller lives with our healthcare technologies. The full plan and goals are available here with a snapshot below.

  • Create opportunities in Abbott's STEM programs and internships for more than 100,000 young people, including 50% from underrepresented groups.
  • Provide 1 million development and job opportunities for current and future employees.
  • Fill 50% of targeted new jobs with internal talent by upskilling, cross-skilling and creating learning opportunities.

Find out more and apply for Abbott internships here.