Preparing Today for the Careers of Tomorrow

Abbott’s new apprentices are studying the trades in community college while beginning their careers with us.

HIRE EXPERIENCE     |    Feb. 15, 2023

Every day, Abbott’s people around the world are searching for new opportunities to help people live their healthiest lives – whether that’s monitoring glucose levels, diagnosing COVID-19 or treating chronic pain.

We take that same approach when it comes to developing our employees’ skills as we strive to build the diverse, innovative workplace of tomorrow. Our latest program is one way we’re attracting new talent and offering upskilling and reskilling opportunities to current employees.

Enter Abbott’s new apprentices: community college students who are studying trades – like HVAC, welding and industrial technologies – while preparing for long-term careers with us.

The students go to school two days a week and work at Abbott three days a week while receiving on-the-job training from a mentor. After they graduate with technical certifications, they can continue working at Abbott in positions like plumbers, pipefitters or electricians.

We’re embarking on the program as statistics show skilled trade workers are in great need globally. Research has found the manufacturing sector faces a labor shortage of 7.9 million workers globally and 600,000 workers in the U.S. by 2030.

Apprenticeships can help address this challenge. The U.S. Department of Labor has found that 91% of apprentices remain in the workforce by continuing employment at the organization where they completed their apprenticeships.

“We need skilled trades people who can perform these critical jobs,” said Scott House, Senior Vice President, Quality, Assurance, Regulatory and Engineering Services, Abbott. “Our apprenticeship program demonstrates our commitment to allowing our people to thrive across a multitude of fields.”

Abbott’s apprenticeship efforts are reflective of our commitment to the Business Roundtable’s Multiple Pathways Initiative, a multi-year effort emphasizing a candidate’s skills in addition to college degrees when hiring. The initiative supports programs, practices and technologies that develop a more equitable and inclusive workforce.

The program also supports Abbott’s 2030 Sustainability Plan goals that strive to provide development and job opportunities for current and future employees while anticipating future workforce needs and achieving talent readiness.

“We’re committed to offering today’s – and tomorrow’s – Abbott employees the skills, education and career development opportunities they will need to contribute now and over future decades,” said Mary Moreland, Executive Vice President, Human Resources. “Helping our people reach their full potential means Abbott can help more people in more places live healthier, fuller lives.”

For more on Abbott’s Business Roundtable Multiple Pathway Initiative participation visit our profile here. Read Abbott’s contributions to the initiative’s recent Innovative Skills-Based Talent Practices collection here.