An Update on Omicron and Test Effectiveness

Continually monitoring COVID-19 mutations to ensure our tests detect them. U.S. data shows no change in test performance.

Diagnostics Testing|Dec.28, 2021

Abbott has been intently monitoring the mutations of COVID-19 so we can ensure our tests can detect them. We've conducted lab analyses and tests on the Omicron variant from live virus, including from the first U.S. omicron case, and BinaxNOW detected the virus in all tests we performed at equivalent sensitivity as other variants. Additionally, our data from customer use has not shown any change in test performance.

We know our tests are a critical tool in controlling spread of the virus and we will remain vigilant in conducting analyses and closely monitoring test performance. Through Abbott's Pandemic Defense Coalition, we have a network of research, academic and public health collaborators strategically placed around the world that are actively sequencing viruses to look for the next viral threat including COVID variants.