Growing Point of Care

Abbott continues to innovate next generation Point of Care (POC) technologies to drive growth. Learn what's next.

Diagnostics Testing|Feb.28, 2017

Whether diagnosing a patient's heart attack in a busy urban hospital or helping treat athletes on the sidelines of a sporting event, Abbott's Point of Care tests deliver patients and healthcare professionals fast, accurate and cost-effective results. Around the world, more than 300 million tests are run each year and the technology has the potential to help improve patient care in virtually every market.

In 2016, Abbott Point of Care grew a reported 8 percent compared to full-year 2015. And, our innovative pipeline — including the next generation i-STAT Alinity — shows no sign of slowing down.

We're committed to providing innovative products, services and partnerships that provide optimal patient care and improve the flow of critical information. From hospitals to outpatient facilities, our Point of Care testing solutions provide real-time, lab-quality results that continue to drive greater system efficiencies, cost savings and patient care decision-making.