Some Perspective on Testing

Diagnostics Testing|Oct.02, 2020

As people process today's news, it's helpful to keep in mind that tests discover the presence of coronavirus once there's enough viral material in a person to be able to detect it. No test detects the virus immediately after the person becomes infected.

Right now we have no cure or vaccine for the virus. There is no such thing as a 100% perfect and instantaneous test – for any disease. But that won’t stop us from developing new tests and improving upon the ones we have.

Meanwhile, today we have lab-based and rapid tests that help reduce the risk in society and slow the spread of the virus. The goal should be to test often – or if that's not possible, to test if you’ve been exposed or have symptoms – and find out if you have it. If so, you’ll know to isolate to prevent spread.

We have so many more tools and information to help our fight against the virus than we did even a few weeks ago. Let's use those, along with common sense and care for ourselves and those around us, to move ahead confidently, safely and without fear.