The Link Between Gut Health and Athletic Performance

Seminar digs into the gut microbial profiles of elite athletes. Can the right nutrition enhance them even more? 

The Link Between Gut Health and Athletic Performance

What makes athletes special? If you’re a sports lover, you’ve probably heard enough clichéd answers to fill up a stadium.

The eye of the tiger. Heart of a champion. Competitive edge. Physical gifts. Intangibles that can’t even be described.

Well, we have one to add, and it’s no cliché. Guts. Specifically, the gut microbiome. There’s evidence to suggest that elite athletes enjoy not just a physical advantage but also an internal advantage in the form of their gut microbiota.

Is there a link between gut health and athletic performance? Gut health plays a role in energy metabolism, nutrient absorption and immune health, among other things. And those certainly come in handy when it’s time to compete and give your all.

If that sounds intriguing to you, take a look inside the science that explores these fascinating connections. In the seminar “The Elite Athlete Gut Microbiota,” you’ll hear from food researcher and expert Paul Cotter, Ph.D., as well as moderators Ricardo Rueda, MD, Ph.D., Abbott, and Niko Mihic, MD, Medical Director of the Real Madrid Football Club.

Click on the photo above to watch and find out how diet and nutrition can help optimize the gut microbiota — and bring out that special something in athletes who are at the top of their game.