Want to Train Like Real Madrid? Start With Good Health.

Abbott and Real Madrid hosted an immersive soccer training and nutrition clinic for high-profile influencers.

Want to Train Like Real Madrid? Start With Good Health.

Think you can train like the world-class players on Real Madrid?

A group of 24 high-profile influencers from the worlds of pro sports and health and wellness got the chance to find out during the Spanish club’s recently completed 22nd trip to the U.S.

The key takeaway: You’d better bring your “A” game — and not just when it comes to soccer skills. It takes an “A+” hydration and recovery routine to keep up with their intense workouts.

As the Health Sciences and Nutrition Partner of the Real Madrid Football Club and Global Partner of the Real Madrid Foundation, Abbott and Real Madrid hosted a fully immersive soccer training and nutrition education clinic for 24 high-profile influencers. Participants ranged from pro football and basketball players to health and wellness influencers. Combined, the influencers have an audience of 6.2 million fans.

During the half-day clinic at the University of California, Los Angeles, influencers had the opportunity to train like Real Madrid and learn about the importance of hydration and protein from Abbott’s sports dietitian, Pam Bede. 

Time to Dress Like the Best

If you’re going to train like a champion, first you must look the part.

To kick off the day, influencers were inducted into the Abbott-Real Madrid team by signing a one-day contract and participating in a ceremonial personalized team jersey presentation, emceed by former NFL quarterback and current football analyst Mark Sanchez. 

Time to Play Like the Best

Next, out to the pitch. Influencers traded basketballs, footballs and their typical fitness routines for soccer balls on the pitch. Real Madrid coaches made the transition to soccer seamless by teaching them skills used by Real Madrid players. 

In addition to learning new soccer skills from Real Madrid coaches, influencers enjoyed three Ensure Max Protein challenges that tested their strength and performance.

Jonathan Kuminga, pro basketball player, soared to new records, heading a ball suspended 10 feet high!

Time to Fuel Like the Best

During the clinic, Pedialyte hydration stations were set up outside to keep influencers hydrated in the hot Los Angeles sun. And after the clinic, Bede led the group through a fun, interactive nutrition session on how to refuel after a strenuous workout. Influencers had the opportunity to create their own post-workout smoothies and parfaits using Ensure Max Protein.

To wrap up the day, influencers were scored and awarded a personalized “player card” inspired by a popular soccer video game — complete with their ranking in each activity from the day.

Now, that’s the power of health through sports. Cheers to good health!