We're Inspired by Real Madrid's LaLiga Title

Our work with Real Madrid helps people live healthier, and our partner knows how to win — now and in the long run.


Just as there is no one singular way to live, there is no one singular definition of LIFE. TO THE FULLEST.

It's meaning to your life is defined by you, by what quenches your desires and lifts you up. By what makes you ... you.

You don't have to be Tony Kroos to have the heart of a champion.

You don't have to be Rodrygo to fight through the pain.

You don't have to be David Alaba to pass all of life’s tests.

You don't have to be Dani Carvajal to understand that what fuels you is what gets you to where you want to be.

With its 4-0 win over Espanyol, our partners at Real Madrid Football Club showed the world what it means to fulfill one of their professional goals by reaching a pinnacle of their soccer lives. They are — again and for the 35th time — champions of LaLiga.

So, yes, LIFE. TO THE FULLEST. can mean many things, including the peak of professional sports.

We admire Real Madrid’s players and coaches for the leadership they displayed throughout the season. The example they set is one for every life: To find your arena and succeed. For the club, it's another chapter in a long and storied history of success in their field. It’s one we recognize well.

It's why we teamed up with the Real Madrid Football Club & Real Madrid Foundation in 2021 for the health of generations to come, to secure our ultimate goal: Victory over malnutrition through education and sports.

Because we know that a brighter, sustainable future starts with good health.

By coming together, we believe we can reduce malnutrition, promote education and share the values of sport in every region of the world.

This remains our pitch to the world. And we will not stop until we have reached that pinnacle.

Congratulations to all of our partners at Real Madrid.