Webinar: Optimizing Hydration in Elite Athletes

Join Abbott, Real Madrid experts for a conversation on the benefits of hydration in human performance.

From shade tree mechanics to Formula One engineers, they all understand the balance needed to get the most from their machines. Run it lean — too much air, not enough fuel — and you'll sap power while encouraging overheating and disastrous detonation. Run it rich — too much fuel, not enough air — and you will bog power, fouling internals and wasting resources while losing power.

It's the same human body’s engine, where absolute performance is a balance of fuel, hydration, recovery and rehydration. Those physiological mechanisms involved in electrolyte and water turnover during exercise have a real impact on hydration during exercise performance.

So just as a mechanic tunes a race car, what are the most effective interventions you take to optimize your body's hydration and rehydration in sport?

Join us for a webinar discussing just that. In full, the webinar will include:

Opening Remarks

  • Hakim Bouzamondo, MD, MSc, MBA and Divisional Vice President, Global Research & Development, Abbott Nutrition, Chicago.
  • Niko Mihic, MD, CFPC and Head of Real Madrid Medical Team; Medical Director, Executive Health Program, HM Hospitals Medical Group; Clinical Practice Professor, CEU San Pablo University; Head of Medical Services, Real Madrid, Madrid.


  • Ricardo Rueda, MD, PhD and Global Leader, Mobility and Metabolism Science Platform; Regional Head of Scientific Affairs, Abbott Nutrition Research & Development, Granada, Spain.
  • José López Chicharro, MD, PhD, Full Professor, Physiology of Exercise Complutense, University of Madrid, Real Madrid Medical Service, Madrid.

Expert speakers

  • Craig A. Horswill, PhD, RD, APD, AdvSD, FHEA, Clinical Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Nutrition, University of Illinois-Chicago.
  • David S. Rowlands, PhD, Professor, Nutrition, Metabolism, and Exercise School of Sport, Exercise, and Nutrition; Director, Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Lab, Massey University, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

The webinar and symposiums will be presented on Thursday, Oct. 27, at noon Central Europe Time (5 a.m. Chicago) and re-broadcast later that day at 7 p.m. CET (noon Chicago). Continuing education credits are available for U.S.-based nurses and dietitians.

This webinar follows May's webinar, "Targeted Nutrition in Exercise or After Injury."

Got your motor running? Visit anhi.org to register and learn more.