Accuracy in a Smaller Package

Cutting-edge Alinity ci-series diagnostics system comes to the U.S.

Bigger isn't always better.

With diagnostic tests guiding 70 percent of critical clinical decisions for patients, laboratory efficiency and accuracy is more important than ever. Enter Alinity ci, a state-of-the-art, harmonized diagnostics system in a new, compact design that can mean a significant space savings – nearly 50-percent in some cases – in the core lab. Due to its "elevator" stacked design, Alinity can maximize testing output (per m2) while maintaining high accuracy, which is important for labs that are short on space and often process tens of thousands of samples.

Imagine getting faster test results for you and your loved ones – Alinity can help do this more quickly than ever before.

The new portfolio begins in the U.S. with "Alinity c" clinical chemistry system and "Alinity i" immunoassay system, which can operate individually or as an integrated Alinity series. Alinity solutions for point of care, hematology, blood and plasma screening as well as molecular diagnostics will follow later.

Like building blocks, Alinity is designed to be flexible and scalable so labs can create varying configurations and add modules as they grow over time. Global testing volumes are rising due to an aging population, growing management of diseases and increased access to care. At the same time, health systems are facing pressures to perform testing as efficiently as possible with limited staff and space, while also reducing costs. So Alinity has the potential to take labs to the next level and healthcare to a better place.

Abbott's Alinity is:

  • Intuitive and Easy-to-Use with an integrated, uniform interface across instruments making it quick to learn and easy to use for all lab personnel

  • Continuously Accessible to run any test at any time with the ability to replace reagents without stopping the instrument, which improves lab productivity

  • Error-proof with proprietary lock-and-key reagent bottles so reagents can only fit in designated positions, helping safeguard against erroneous results.

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