Innovating in China

Abbott opens new China R&D center to help meet the evolving healthcare needs of local consumers.

No matter where you are in the world, people are looking for ways to maintain and improve their health. In China, Abbott is responding by expanding the company's research and development (R&D) efforts with the grand opening of a newly built, state-of-the-art R&D center in Shanghai. Built with an investment of more than $30 million (USD), the R&D center taps cutting-edge research to develop breakthrough products to help meet the evolving health and lifestyle needs of the local population.

The center, which spans 5,000 square meters (53,820 square feet) and consists of four floors, houses Abbott scientists with expertise related to the company's nutrition and diagnostics divisions under one roof. Prior to this new facility, the two organizations conducted their China R&D operations in a rented space in Shanghai.

Abbott nutrition scientists prepare a new product formulation for sensory testing.

In nutrition, scientists work with local researchers to better understand Chinese consumers' nutritional needs and preferences in order to create innovative science-based products. Researchers develop products for infants, children and aging adults. These products help people get the nutrition they need to live a healthy, active life. Researchers also create specially formulated products that can help people manage and overcome health conditions.

An Abbott diagnostics R&D scientist researches new substances (biomarkers) that may show the presence of disease at the R&D Center in Shanghai.

In diagnostics, the scientists conduct research and develop products for diagnosing and managing major diseases that seriously threaten the health of Chinese people such as infectious diseases, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, as well as endocrine and metabolic diseases. Researchers want to help drive local innovation and accelerate the discovery of new diagnostic tools using a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach. In addition, Abbott's diagnostics business is building a customer-experience center across the street from the R&D facility to support the company's commitment to driving innovation in the country and also making it easier for local collaborations.

As the health needs of Chinese and global consumers evolve, Abbott continues to expand the company's scientific expertise and global R&D network to provide the latest technology and products so people can achieve optimal health and enjoy their best lives.