The Connection from Your Doctor to Your Heart

The CardioMEMS HF system remotely monitors and detects early indicators of worsening heart failure.

The Connection from Your Doctor to Your Heart

The CardioMEMS HF System remotely monitors and detects changes in pulmonary artery pressure — an early indicator of worsening heart failure — to deliver the data you and your doctors need to intervene... even if you don't feel a thing.

Powerfully small, it's connected care that's safe, reliable and personalized. For people living with heart failure, it's the tech they need to help keep them out of the hospital and doctor's offices so they can reconnect with what makes their lives the ones they want to lead.

What Would You Do With One More Minute?

Tyrone Morris knows the value of time, how life can change in a moment. He counted all those moments when a heart failure diagnosis gave him just months to live. He needed a new heart. He felt the weight of the wait when those moments turned into hours, days, weeks, and years awaiting a new heart.

His Abbott HeartMate 3 heart pump gave him the time he needed until one was available. And now, with his CardioMEMS HF system that communicates his pulmonary pressure remotely, his doctors know how his new heart is performing, every day. He's living the life he wants while pursuing his passions, so he could be there for the moment that last pin fell on his perfect 300 game. This is Tyrone's time, making the most of every minute, to live his fullest life.