Viruses Change, Our Mission Won't

Products and Innovation | Aug. 10, 2018

A safe, reliable — and, most importantly, healthy — blood supply.

It's not something most people spend much time thinking about. That is, until they need it.

That's not the case at Abbott, where it's always top of mind for our Diagnostics team.

Our virus hunters understand the only way to help meet that need is to never stop searching for strains that can contaminate the blood supply during blood donation. And then to develop tests that detect new variations of those bugs, all with the goal of helping get people back on the road to their healthiest lives as quickly as possible.

Viruses Change, Our Mission Won't
Our Virus Hunters give us an inside peek into the advanced technologies used to identify, screen and track viruses. Take a quick look into Abbott’s life-changing technology.

"We're able to look for new strains of these viruses all over the world using the advanced technology we’ve developed here," said Mary A Rodgers, Ph.D., Diagnostics Senior Scientist in Infectious Disease Research. "And that's part of our commitment to make sure we keep the blood supply safe."

Abbott's continuous improvements to blood screening technologies underscore the company's commitment to ensure the safety of the world's blood supply. To remain confident in our ability to keep it safe is to stay current with the latest viral mutations. And that takes life-changing technology.

"The thing is, the viruses are fighting for survival as much as we are," said John R. Hackett Jr., Ph.D., Diagnostics Division Vice President for Applied Research and Technology. "We have to stay current with epidemics like Zika, viral hepatitis and HIV."

Staying current also helps us stay ahead. "It's equally important that we try and understand what's next," Hackett added.

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