Abbott Dividend Payout Jumps 25%

This is the 49th consecutive year Abbott increased its dividend.

Strategy and Strength|Dec.11, 2020

This has been an unprecedented year.

The coronavirus pandemic challenged nearly every aspect of society as it slowed the global economy, tested healthcare systems and shook supply chains worldwide.

Yet, Abbott remains resilient with its diversified business model and robust product portfolio.

This has translated to an exceptional reward for shareholders who have counted on Abbott for more than 130 years — a 25% increase to quarterly dividend payouts, boosting them to 45 cents per share in 2021.

Abbott Increases Quarterly Dividend by 25%

It marks the 49th consecutive year Abbott has raised its payout for investors. This latest increase maintains the company’s status on the prestigious S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index, which recognizes companies that have raised their dividend payout for at least 25 years.

Fueling this increase is strength across the company’s diversified businesses. In 2020, Abbott’s portfolio of life-changing technology has seen more than 20 product launches, and the company continues to make significant contributions to the pandemic, providing millions of COVID-19 tests worldwide across all of its diagnostic testing platforms.

It also represents Abbott’s ability to invest in future growth while returning value to shareholders. The company has a track record of building long-term growth potential, including during times of uncertainty. Abbott has returned nearly $30 billion to shareholders through dividends during the last 15 years thanks to its diverse businesses in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and established pharmaceuticals.

Check out this infographic for more on company dividends.

Q4 2020 Dividends