Abbott Statement on Racial Inequality

Strategy and Strength|Jun.04, 2020

Racism, like any form of discrimination based on people's identities, is not just against Abbott's values, it's the antithesis of our values. The death of George Floyd — like so many similar, deplorable incidents — is intolerable, and the police officers responsible must be held accountable to the full extent of the law. But more must be done than merely seeing justice served in this and other recent cases. The issues involved here run broad and deep, and they go to the nature of our society. The protests of the last week have made that clear. We must do better to fix the racial inequalities and biases that we know exist.

These events have caused us to stop, reflect and look at our own progress.

Abbott is here to help people live their fullest lives through good health. We have a longstanding public commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, and for many years have been working to support racial equality and underserved communities. We’ve focused on two areas where we believe our company can have the greatest impact: Health and STEM education. These programs address barriers to access for underserved populations, including the black community.

But we can and are committed to do more.

A part of our culture is intentional and thoughtful action. As such, we've communicated with our colleagues this week and we’re working on what more we can do that will have a lasting and meaningful impact. We’re also identifying organizations that are addressing underlying systemic issues and will provide support.

While we've been recognized for our inclusive workplace, social responsibility and community partnerships, we know we still have work to do and we will.