Bring Your Mom to Work Day Is Every Day

HR's Mary Moreland shares inspiring 'Abbott mom' stories from pre-Mother's Day event

Strategy and Strength|May.12, 2017

Mary Moreland, mom of two teenage daughters and head of compensation and benefits at Abbott, recently spoke at a "Bring Your Mom to Work" event at Abbott's headquarters in suburban Chicago.

Originally a play on "Take Your Child to Work Day," the pre-Mother's Day event was a nod to the fact that we could all say "thanks, mom" a little more. The employees and their moms heard from Mary, hammed it up at our selfie photo booth, participated in fitness demonstrations and learned more about nutrition and caregiving.

We also know how important moms are – when we asked nearly 2 million people around the world what living a full life takes, they gave us a resounding answer: family. No matter where they lived or what they sought to achieve in life, family came out on top.

Mary Moreland recently shared her thoughts in the Chicago Sun-Times on why "Bring Your Mom to Work" Day is actually every day – because the lessons, values and habits our moms pass on to us live on in the workplace.

 Mary Moreland, head of compensation and benefits at Abbott, speaks to a crowd of employees and their moms at Abbott’s Bring Your Mom to Work Day.
 Employees take photos and selfies at Abbott’s Bring Your Mom to Work Day.