Dads' Investment Helps us Grow

‘There is no greater investment one makes in life than in their children.’

Strategy and Strength|Jun.19, 2017

Few things in life make a dad prouder than watching his kids succeed.

Scott Leinenweber, our head of investor relations, is no exception – and recently he had a chance to reflect on this with 130 or so Abbott employees and their dads at a unique “Bring Your Father to Work” event.

Scott reflected on his Father’s Day and experiences at the Abbott event in a recent LinkedIn blog post, where he said: “There is no greater investment one makes in life than in their children.”

And the investment so many parents of Abbott employees have made over the course of nearly 130 years have helped the company grow tremendously. A few stats:

  • Since 1998, our sales have grown from $12.5 billion to $25.4 billion ($51 billion if you include AbbVie, the proprietary pharma business we spun off in 2013).
  • Our mix has shifted from 60 percent in the U.S. to 65 percent outside of the U.S., to reflect the changing global business landscape.
  •  Our market cap (again, including AbbVie for apples-to-apples) has more than doubled since we strategically split with the pharma business and our combined market cap since Miles White became CEO has nearly tripled from $74 billion to $212 billion (including AbbVie and Hospira).
  •  We've met or beaten Street adjusted EPS estimates every quarter for the last 10 years.

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