Damar Hamlin Captains New Abbott Team: HeartMates

The NFL player’s story is inspiring a community of heart health champions. 


Strategy and Strength|Oct.27, 2023

When Damar Hamlin needed his teammates the most — when the frenetically fast and loud game of pro football suddenly stood still for him — they had his back like true MVPs.

Not only his teammates on the football field, but also his family, friends and medical team that helped him make an inspiring full comeback from his cardiac episode on Jan. 2, 2023.

From that moment forward, Hamlin decided, he would star in the support role. Now, he’s the captain of a new team: HeartMates, a partnership with Abbott to build a community of heart health champions. 

Through HeartMates, we’ll work with Hamlin to help create a space for people with heart conditions and their loved ones to share their stories and receive emotional support.

“Our HeartMates program creates a community of support and resources for those navigating their heart health and embodies our unwavering commitment to ensuring that no one faces these challenges alone," said Nadim Geloo, M.D., senior director of medical affairs in Abbott's structural heart business

It takes a tremendous amount of heart to overcome big health challenges. But, as Hamlin proved, it makes a big difference when you have a great team to help you author your comeback story.

Leading By Doing

Every great athlete sets a goal to achieve. For Hamlin, the goal of HeartMates is close to his own heart.

“I want to share my blessings,” he said during a visit to Maria Fareri Children's Hospital in Westchester, N.Y., to meet with doctors and help get patients fired up.

As it turns out, Hamlin can light up kids’ faces as much as he can “light up” an opposing ballcarrier.

We have a long history of lending a helping hand when it comes to hearts, whether it’s designing cutting-edge medical devices or educating people and their doctors on new treatments and best practices.

At Maria Fareri, Hamlin met two shining examples of this outreach, twin sisters Chloe and Contessa Gee, who were both born with holes in their hearts in 2020. Stories like theirs remind us of the larger goal we are working toward, and we’re proud to have Hamlin leading the charge.