Expanding Vascular Offerings to Improve Patient Care

Abbott completes acquisition of Cardiovascular Systems, Inc., adding new technologies to treat artery diseases.

Strategy and Strength|Apr.27, 2023

CSI is now Abbott, and our toolkit for treating vascular diseases just got a little more robust.

Abbott on Thursday completed the acquisition of Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), a medical devices company with innovative technologies for treating complex artery diseases — conditions that impact millions. CSI's focus is systems that treat coronary and peripheral artery disease, which affect an estimated 20 million1 and 8 million2 people in the U.S., respectively.

Here are three things to know about the latest addition to Abbott’s Medical Devices business.

1. Why did Abbott acquire CSI?

The acquisition is part of an overall investment in our vascular portfolio, which we're expanding to give physicians different options for treating complex artery disease. Offering a variety of ways to clear blood vessels — as well as the imaging and stents needed to do so effectively — helps physicians provide the best care for patients. Abbott acquired peripheral thrombectomy systems company contact Walk Vascular in 2021.

2. Who is CSI?

Founded in 1989 and based in St. Paul, Minn., CSI is a leader in devices for atherectomy, a minimally invasive treatment for plaque buildup in arteries. The company’s innovative Diamondback 360 systems are handheld, catheter-based medical devices used during atherectomy procedures. 

3. What is an atherectomy procedure?

Used to treat complex artery disease, an atherectomy procedure can help restore blood flow and maximize the benefits of standard balloon angioplasty or stent treatments.

CSI's atherectomy systems feature a diamond-coated crown attached to an orbiting shaft that rotates 360 degrees within the artery, sanding away plaque while preserving healthy vessel tissue.

This technology can be especially helpful when calcium buildup in the plaque makes it challenging for doctors to navigate through the artery to insert a stent. Removing the calcium improves blood flow through the artery and allows for better stent placement.

Abbott and CSI both have deep expertise across the spectrum of vascular care. By bringing together that expertise, along with a shared passion for helping people live their fullest lives through better health, the tools are in place to continue creating breakthroughs in care.


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