Fueling Growth in Nutrition

ZonePerfect's keto product offerings are at the nexus of two key weight loss and lifestyle trends.

Strategy and Strength|Dec.09, 2019

From non-GMO infant formula to high-quality protein offerings, we go where our customers are heading. With ZonePerfect's science-based keto product offerings, we are at the nexus of two key weight loss and lifestyle trends.

The weight loss market is changing. While more than 50% of Americans say they are trying to lose weight, the same number of people also say that the term "dieting" is outdated.1 Millennial consumers, who spend twice what baby boomers do on self-care, are forgoing older, established diet brands in favor of lifestyle nutrition regimens that aim to not simply restrict calories but to change how a person eats for the long term.2 One such approach is the ketogenic diet — a high fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrate nutrition plan.

Followers of the keto diet are encouraged to eat a macronutrient breakdown of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. It's a popular approach among Millennials and was the most Googled diet term in 20183. In fact, the market for keto products is expected to grow 5.5% annually, reaching a value of over $15 billion by 2027.4

However, eating a high fat, very low carb diet means that many convenience food options — even ones marketed as healthy — are (literally) off the table. Yet projections show that consumers continue to increasingly seek healthy ready-to-eat snacks and meals. For example, one study estimates the ready-to-drink shakes market will grow 5.7% annually from 2019-2025.5

Products like ZonePerfect® Keto shakes and powders sit at the nexus of these two trends. They serve customers interested in eating a ketogenic diet, which can require intense planning and hours of weekly food preparation, who also need convenient healthy eating options on the go.

As Abbott registered dietitian and keto expert, Pamela Nisevich Bede, MS, RD, explains, "the challenges to staying on a keto diet is achieving the daily macros needed to maintain ketosis — the fat burning mode that leads to benefits of the diet. Over the course of a busy day or if you are traveling, it can be challenging to track your macronutrients and get what you need to be successful on the diet."

That's where ZonePerfect® comes in. Abbott's team of registered dietitians, food scientists and nutrition experts designed keto shakes and powders that adhere to the ketogenic macronutrient parameters – and don't deviate like other products. The ZonePerfect keto shakes and powders are made with 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs – a proven ratio that has been tied to weight loss, and specifically weight loss from fat rather than muscle. These products reflect the latest nutrition research with the highest standards of quality to deliver products that taste great and help consumers reach their nutrition goals.

"Tracking macros — whether as part of the keto diet or another regimen — is a trend that more and more people are going to be interested in as they look to tailor an eating plan to their individual needs," says Nisevich Bede. "Products that make it easier to 'meet your macros' can help busy people feel confident they are on the right track."


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