More Relevant Than Ever for Our Health

Abbott's deliberate shaping strategy tackles global health conditions while fueling sustainable growth.

Strategy and Strength|Jun.11, 2019

What makes institutions last?

Perhaps it's the right combination of markets and timing. Or keen foresight from leaders to survive the storms of change.

At the end of the day, it's really about relevance. At Abbott, finding ways to help people enjoy their fullest lives has helped it remain relevant for 130-plus years.

Today, more than half of Abbott's revenues come from businesses that weren't part of Abbott's mix six years ago.

"This is how we keep Abbott current with its evolving environment and deliver the greatest impact for the people we serve," said Miles White, chairman and chief executive officer, speaking at our recent shareholders meeting. "We're now more innovative and better aligned with the future of health technology than ever before."

Abbott's products and services are aimed at the globe's biggest chronic threats, such as cardiovascular disease, heart failure and diabetes.

For instance, Abbott has elevated its medical device portfolio to take leading positions in the fastest-growing markets. We've taken our lead in diagnostics testing and fortified our lineup in rapid testing, as well as brought the game-changing Alinity diagnostic platforms to market.

We strive to continue delivering for people who use our products, our shareholders and our more than 100,000 employees who come to work every day looking to find a smarter way to develop life-changing technologies.

Read more about Abbott's journey in the remarks from Miles White at our annual shareholders meeting.