Why This Health Tech Leader is Built to Last

Abbott achieves top industry scores in sustainability for the ninth consecutive year on the DJSI.

Strategy and Strength|Nov.24, 2021

Abbott has always viewed sustainability and the company's values as interwoven.

By managing the company to deliver long-term impact for customers around the world and innovating for access and affordability, Abbott is shaping the future of healthcare and helping billions of people now, and 3 billion annually by 2030, lead healthier lives. And there's a clear connection between healthy people and the health of societies and economies.

Just recently, Abbott's commitment to sustainability was recognized as the company achieved the highest score in its industry for the ninth consecutive year on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

The DJSI is an important indicator of a company’s performance based on environmental, social and governance criteria, and is considered one of the most prestigious global benchmarks for corporate sustainability.

Learn more about Abbott's DJSI achievement and get details on Abbott's strategy in its 2030 Sustainability Plan.