We're Applauding Abbott Working Parents

It's a challenging year, but Abbott’s working parents are persevering and we're offering support.

Strategy and Strength|Sep.15, 2020

Working parents face challenges balancing career and family during normal circumstances.

Then came 2020 – when the COVID-19 threat brought quarantines, remote work, unpredictable childcare, remote learning and canceled summer programs.

Needless to say, working parents have a lot to deal with this year.

We want them to know we’re proud of them for rising to the occasion and finding new ways to work together so we can continue delivering our life-changing health technologies and products where they're needed most.

We're Applauding Abbott Working Parents

Simply put: Abbott is showing up for the world because our employees are showing up for us. And we want to show up for them too.

While working parents are facing what feel like insurmountable challenges, Abbott is offering assistance that we hope will help them adapt and feel supported. Some of the ways we have responded include childcare discounts, help finding nannies, babysitters and tutors and using paid sick time for childcare when schools and daycares are closed.

Working Mother of the Year

This year Abbott's celebrates our 20th consecutive year of recognition on Working Mother’s list of 100 Best Companies. As part of that honor we're proud that Kat Pigman, a quality assurance complaint supervisor in Abbott’s nutrition business, is receiving a Working Mother of the Year award from the magazine.

Pigman and her husband, Don, parents to 2-year-old John, hope to become first-time foster parents. She says her advice to other working parents is to be flexible, be intentional and ask for help.

"My husband and I have to continually navigate caring for our son while delivering at work," Pigman said. "During quarantine, that’s been more difficult – for all of us – but having a flexible work schedule and allowing ourselves a bit of grace made it less overwhelming. I could adjust my schedule to be with my son when he needed me, while also adding value at work."