Sustainability Report: Delivering Long-Term Impact

Abbott stepped up to meet the world's 2020 needs while building a stronger, more resilient company for tomorrow.

Sustainability|Jul.13, 2021

After one of the world's most challenging and inspiring years, Abbott wants to do much more than get back to the old normal.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Abbott delivered results for its stakeholders like never before – but the company is setting its sights on extending its positive impact even further in the years ahead: helping society meet its most urgent health needs and building a better, more resilient world.

To accomplish this, Abbott is bolstering the strength of its supply chain, enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and developing products that are affordable and accessible to more people than ever before.

It comes down to sustainability, which has been part of the company and an extension of its purpose for more than 130 years — helping people live healthier, fuller lives.

A commitment to sustainability also helps generate financial strength, data show. Companies with a better environmental, social and governance (ESG) record compared to peers produced higher three- to five-year returns on equity, were less likely to have large price declines and had a greater chance of long-term success, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report.1

With the release of Abbott's 2020 Global Sustainability Report and its new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report, the company demonstrates its effectiveness across a spectrum of ESG priorities and its commitment to building a more diverse company and more equitable societies.

These reports also look ahead to Abbott's 2030 Sustainability Plan – a roadmap for building access and affordability into the company's life-changing technologies and breaking down barriers to improve the lives of more than three billion people each year.

Check out these key 2020 accomplishments highlighted in the reports. And for a deep dive, read the full Sustainability and DEI reports.

Sustainability Report 2020 Highlights

1Equity Strategy Focus Point, ESG Part II: a deeper dive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, June 15, 2017.