Abbott is a member of U.S. trade organizations that engage in lobbying and other political activity to champion and protect the interests of Abbott, our industry and, most importantly, the people who rely on our products to achieve good health. Each year, the Government Affairs function, under the direction of the Vice President, Government Affairs, assesses our participation in trade associations and other tax-exempt organizations that write and endorse model legislation. These industry and trade groups and similar organizations generally represent the healthcare community and the broader business community. Collaboration and cooperation with a wide array of people and organizations are critical to meet the needs of patients today. We strive to align with organizations whose overall advocacy platform demonstrates values that mirror our own. An organization's membership and robust governance process collectively drives the development of individual positions. We pride ourselves on taking an active role in the trade associations we have joined, expressing our opinions and making the case for the position we believe will produce the most appropriate policy outcomes. Abbott's participation as a member of these various industry and trade groups comes with the understanding that we may not always agree with the positions of the larger organization and/or other members. We raise our concerns, as needed and as appropriate, on issues that we believe are important to us and our stakeholders.

The Public Policy Committee of the Abbott Board of Directors reviews an annual report of our major trade association memberships, the amount of dues and the amount used for lobbying.

Below is a list of U.S. trade associations to which Abbott paid dues of $50,000 or more in 2023, and which lobby in the U.S. at the federal level. Also provided for each trade association is the percentage of the 2023 dues they collect from member companies utilized by that organization for federal lobbying.

  • Advanced Medical Technology Association (8%)
  • American Clinical Laboratory Association (59%)
  • California Life Sciences Association (22%)
  • Columbus Partnership (8%)
  • Consumer Brands Association (17%)
  • Council for Responsible Nutrition (15%)
  • Healthcare Nutrition Council (2%)
  • H.R. Policy Association (60%)
  • Infant Nutrition Council of America (25%)
  • International Dairy Food Association (14%)
  • Medical Device Manufacturers Association (30%)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce (20%)

To download previous years' trade association membership reports, please see below.