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Abbott is a globally diversified healthcare company with a central purpose to help people live their healthiest possible lives. We offer a broad portfolio of market-leading products that align with favorable long-term healthcare trends in both developed and developing markets. Building on a strong foundation of more than 130 years of success, Abbott is poised to deliver top-tier growth, expanding margins, strong cash flow and increasing returns to shareholders.



Well-balanced diversity is the foundation of Abbott’s strategy and success. Our four major businesses are of roughly equal size, and that balance extends across geographies and payers. We constantly shape our portfolio to ensure that we’re in the right markets and that our success isn’t over reliant on any single therapy, technology, country or payer. And approximately 50 percent of our sales are direct to consumers and patients, making Abbott one of the most consumer-facing healthcare companies in the world.



Abbott is one of the most global healthcare companies in the world with 70 percent of revenue generated in markets outside of the United States and 50 percent of revenue generated in faster-growing geographies where healthcare spending is outpacing the growth of gross domestic product (GDP).



Abbott is well positioned to grow with the major trends underlying our businesses and the broader global environment. In addition to the growth of developing economies and the global middle class, which has vastly expanded our markets and ability to help more people around the world, a related and equally powerful trend driving our business is the aging of the global population. All of Abbott’s major businesses are well- aligned to be relevant leaders and to serve these trends across multiple markets.



Abbott intends to lead — both scientifically and commercially — in the markets in which we compete. Abbott holds various leadership positions across many of its business segments and across multiple geographies. This requires presence in these markets to meet the local healthcare needs and preferences by many key stakeholders, including hospitals, physicians, pharmacies and consumers.



These strengths add up to the fundamental advantage that we offer investors: consistent and reliable performance. On a more than 125-year foundation, Abbott is built strong and built to last. We have succeeded in delivering superior innovation, productivity, and growth with consistency and reliability.


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With a diverse product portfolio that’s balanced between adult and pediatric nutrition, we're leading with science to launch new products into developed and fast-growing emerging markets, where healthcare trends, such as aging populations and high birth rates, are increasing the need for quality nutrition. We are staying closer to the markets we serve through targeted investments in manufacturing, supply chain and research and development. This allows us to be more responsive to customer needs.

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We’re a global leader in the large and growing in-vitro diagnostic market where we develop customer-focused solutions that enhance clinical decision making and improve the lives of patients. Abbott Diagnostics has consistently delivered durable sales growth and margin improvement over the last several years and is investing in next-generation systems to drive growth over the mid- to long-term.

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We hold leadership positions across our medical device businesses—vascular and diabetes care—where our next-generation technologies are expanding our market share and helping people recover more quickly and monitor more accurately. As the population is aging and the incidence of chronic diseases is increasing, so is the demand for our technologies.


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We're bringing high-quality, branded generic pharmaceuticals that have been successfully treating patients for many years to the emerging markets. We're tailoring our product offerings to the specific needs of the regions we serve, including new formulations, delivery methods and packaging. Abbott has leadership positions in many of these geographies and is well aligned with the fundamentals driving long-term growth for healthcare in these regions.


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