At Abbott, our mission is to create the best and most innovative health technologies and products to help people live their healthiest, fullest lives. It is the goal of our marketing to further that purpose while meeting and reflecting the needs and interests of our diverse audiences.

We recognize that opinions may vary widely about the content that surrounds our advertisements. To ensure our marketing, content and communications are appropriate for everyone, we follow these general guidelines:

  • Avoiding placement of our messaging amid content that is offensive or overly partisan.
  • Employing a wide variety of tools and working with partners to help us monitor and ensure we can live up to our content guidelines.
  • Choosing spokespeople whose backgrounds and activities are deemed to be neither offensive nor divisive.
  • Directing our partners to follow our guidelines.
  • Adhering strictly to the commitments made in our Privacy Policy regarding the use and sharing of information for marketing and other purposes.
  • Continually monitoring, along with our agencies and partners, to ensure content meets these guidelines. However, situations may occur when our messages appear amid unsuitable content. When this happens, we address the matter.


We make these efforts because we want our advertising and marketing to support, and not distract from, Abbott’s purpose: creating life-changing technologies that help all of us live our fullest, healthiest lives.