Inspiration sparks curiosity. For the budding scientist in your home, check out our in-home experiments that will foster a curiosity in science, technology, engineering and math. From the classic lava lamp to mechanical grabbers to a steam powered boat, these experiments will ignite the scientist inside all of us.



What makes things glow in the dark? In this lab, you will explore the concept of luminescence, light energy produced from other forms of energy, specifically, bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, and fluorescence. Are you ready to see in the dark?


Read, print, or download full instructions.Chemiluminescence

DNA Investigation

DNA Investigation

Curious why you have brown eyes, and not blue? Or curly hair rather than straight? It’s all in our DNA. DNA are the genes that determine the traits we inherit from our biological parents. In this experiment, we’ll investigate our own DNA and what makes each and every one of us unique.


Read, print, or download full instructions.DNA Investigation

PH Discovery

pH Discovery

Acid. Acidity. Words we use in our day to day, but do we truly know what they mean? Here’s your chance to deeply understand acidity, through pH measurements. pH stands for potential hydrogen and is a measure of acidity. Here’s how you can test items in your own home for their pH levels!


Read, print, or download full instructions.PH Discovery

How to make a stethoscope

How to make a Stethoscope

Ever wonder what the doctor hears when they hold that cold metal circle up to your heart during your physical? That tool is called a stethoscope and, in this experiment, we’re going to build our own stethoscope so we can hear our heart beats.


Read, print, or download full instructions.How to make a stethoscope

Lava lamp

Lava Lamp

Here’s your chance to create an age-old classic, the lava lamp. Using safe chemical reactions with household products you’ll be able to build a science experiment that will continue to spark your curiosity each and every day.


Read, print, or download full instructions.Lava lamp

Mechanical Grabber

Mechanical Grabber

Ever in need of an extra hand? Well we’ve got you covered. In this experiment you’ll use your knowledge of engineering, creative thinking and problem solving to help build a useful and fun tool, a mechanical grabber.


Read, print, or download full instructions.Mechanical Grabber

Steam boat

Steam Boat

Electric, gas, solar. The list of energy sources we have in society today is longer than ever before! But before all of these, steam was one of our most useful energy sources. In this experiment you’ll harness the power of steam to power a boat to move through the water.


Read, print, or download full instructions.Steam boat


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