Science, Real Madrid Team Up for Global Health Win

Abbott partners with Real Madrid Football Club to tackle malnutrition, support children's health.

Strategy and Strength|Nov.15, 2021

The Real Madrid Football Club's fan base — 600 million across the globe — is full of people wanting to live healthier at all stages of life.

That's why Abbott is partnering with Real Madrid and its foundation to promote nutrition education and drive awareness in the fight against malnutrition that impacts many of those fans.

With this partnership, Abbott is building on its commitment to help people live healthier throughout their lives, and driving awareness and growth of its nutrition products in new markets.

Abbott's solid full-year 2020 worldwide Nutrition growth (4.7% organic) as well as strong third-quarter year-to-date Nutrition sales (up 8.3% organic compared to 2020) highlight Abbott's strength in the Nutrition market and potential to expand. And now the company is taking its expertise from the lab to the football pitch.

Because together, we can tackle malnutrition.

"Football is a universal sport that's played, watched and loved around the world," said Daniel Salvadori, executive vice president of Abbott's Nutrition business. "The combination of Abbott and Real Madrid's efforts will enable us to reach more people and have even greater long-lasting impact in the lives of tens of thousands of children around the world."

Why malnutrition?
Malnutrition affects 1 in 3 people around the world, from severe weight loss and recurrent undernutrition, to overweight and obesity.

On top of that, malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children younger than 5.1 And poor nutrition is one of the leading risk factors for chronic diseases, which has a significant economic impact on society and can keep people from doing what they love.

Abbott's work with Real Madrid and its foundation will contribute to Abbott's 2030 Sustainability Plan, which aims to build a more resilient and sustainable business while improving the lives of more than 3 billion people every year by decade's end.

Sustainability at Abbott is a reflection of the company's purpose — helping people live healthier, fuller lives — and it's core to the company's businesses, from innovating for access and affordability and enhancing supply chain resiliency, to building the workforce of tomorrow and responsibly applying data to advance care.

Learn more about Abbott's new partnership and its 2030 Sustainability Plan.

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