New Real Madrid Goal Celebration Makes a Statement

Join in on a new goal celebration that raises awareness of the fight against malnutrition. 

Real Madrid

Every Real Madrid goal gives us a good reason to stand up and cheer. The team’s ongoing goal to beat malnutrition is no different.

This season, we’re excited to bring those goals together in an inspiring way.

To highlight the impact of Abbott’s partnership with Real Madrid and the Real Madrid Foundation and raise awareness around the issue of malnutrition, we’ve created a new goal celebration with Real Madrid players. It signifies our commitment to battling childhood malnutrition and empowering future generations to live their healthiest lives.

So, are you ready to celebrate like a true Madridista? Here’s what to do:

  • Put up a “1”: With one hand, raise your index finger.
  • Put up a “3”: With the other hand, raise three fingers. Those two numbers represent the problem: Malnutrition affects 1 in 3 people around the world.
  • Make an “X”: Cross your forearms to “beat” malnutrition: We can’t accept that so many children face this issue. That’s why we teamed up with Real Madrid, and why we’re driven to do more to help kids lead healthy lives.

The partnership has played a pivotal role in advancing the well-being of children worldwide through nutrition education and malnutrition screening initiatives in conjunction with the Real Madrid Foundation.

Together with the Foundation, we have delivered more than 25,000 hours of health and nutrition education and screened more than 3,000 children for malnutrition since the onset of the program in 2021.

We’re launching the celebration during the final game of Real Madrid’s 2023-24 season and dedicating the match to empowering communities to join the cause.

Let’s beat malnutrition — it’s a gooooooooal worth celebrating.