We’re honored to be among Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. What matters most to us: Improving your health.

Your Health Has Our Full Attention

Jan 21 2020

What’s more personal than your health?

What appears “everyday” from afar can be much more when it’s you and your loved ones. Life’s challenges can grow based on your proximity.

When it’s your child, there’s nothing small about those life-threatening issues often associated with premature babies with the smallest of hearts.

When it’s you or your loved one, there’s nothing insignificant about the debilitating discomfort that can replace hope with hesitancy, trepidation taking away so much of who they are, whether it be from chronic pain to the associated aches of regular fingersticking demanded by old-school glucose monitoring.

When it’s your body, there’s nothing microscopic about the potential for viruses to get the upper hand on society’s best science.

Any of those can take your full attention.

All of them have ours.

We’re putting big ideas to work for big solutions, many of which come in small, powerful packages that can be worn on or implanted in the body. It’s how we’re designing our life-changing technology to shape the future of health.

We’re putting our hearts in products designed to help the smallest of us at our most fragile times, from our Amplatzer Piccolo Occluder designed to close an opening in the hearts of preemie babies to the smallest mechanical heart valve available, a “sparkle” in her heart. That’s so Sadie.

We’re pushing our technology to do more to help, from treating more people with MitraClip’s with an expanded indication for severe secondary mitral regurgitation to enhancing heart attack detection among women via our High Sensitive Troponin-I test.

We’re seeking the same relief from pain that you want. We developed our Proclaim XR recharge-free stimulation system to deliver low-amplitude, intermittent bursts of electricity to change pain signals as they travel from the spinal cord to the brain.

We’re taking away the daily dread of painful, routine fingersticks for glucose monitoring. With the FreeStyle Libre 14 day system, real-time results, an 8-hour historical glucose trend and arrows showing where glucose levels are going — with high accuracy for up to two weeks — are standard with our wearable monitor. No wonder it was named one of the best medical technologies.

We’re working to find new mutations of the world’s deadliest bugs to help fight these new threats. It’s how we’re staying one-step ahead of HIV, as we’ve been since the beginning.

We’re keeping you nourished through all the stages of life. It’s why Similac was the first infant formula to include 2'-FL HMO, the result of pioneering research to bring it closer than ever to mother’s milk. It’s why PediaSure is powerful nutrition to help kids catch up on growth and why Pedialyte is designed to keep the whole family hydrated.

And it’s why we’re heartened to be named among Fortune’s Most Admired Companies again. We will never take it for granted.

It all adds up to making a difference in the lives of millions around the world every day, to being a place where science thrives, where we’re encouraging the next generation of scientists and innovators. A place where we’re working to save the planet’s resources and create lasting change where it’s needed most.

Our full attention has been captured by these things and more. All so you can keep yours on what matters most: The health of you and your family.


For important safety information about the Amplatzer Piccolo Occluder, please click here.

For important safety information about the Masters heart valve, please click here.

For important safety information about MitraClip, please click here.

For important safety information about Proclaim XR, please click here.

For important safety information about the FreeStyle Libre 14 day system, please click here.



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