Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Pioneers

Abbott’s Women in STEM employee network creates children’s book to encourage tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Sustainability|Feb.22, 2023

What Does STEM Look Like?”

Click here to read the children’s book created by Women in STEM at Abbott.

It’s no secret that children are fascinated with science, technology, engineering, and math – or STEM.

Building blocks, insect-collection kits and remote-control dinosaurs are popular (and fun!) ways to introduce curious young people to STEM ideas and concepts. But what’s the best way to inspire them to consider taking related classes in high school and college and pursuing a STEM career?

Abbott’s Women in STEM employee network created a children’s book with hopes of doing just that.

In “What Does STEM Look Like?” readers can follow Anna’s journey as she discovers how her interests in animals, art and space could lead to professions in biology, astronomy, or geometry – or any of the STEM fields.

Network members hope the book will help break stigmas around what “STEM” looks like – STEM workers can be anybody!

The book is available for free download here.

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Network members, who work in divisions and businesses across Abbott, hope this book will encourage and educate children about why STEM is important and let them know that anyone can work in STEM fields. It’s a critically important message, because federal data anticipate the U.S. alone will need more than 1 million more STEM workers by 2031.

Abbott’s Women in STEM Network elevates women working in STEM with career development, networking, recruitment and recognition opportunities and community outreach. Members hope to inspire rising STEM talent today to be tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Inspiring and supporting students, particularly girls and those from diverse backgrounds, to pursue STEM careers is part of Abbott’s 2030 Sustainability Plan. Goals include creating opportunities in our STEM programs and internships for more than 100,000 young people, including 50% from underrepresented groups.

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