Wound Healing for a Champion: Daniel Romanchuk's Story

Being a world-class athlete means always staying on top of his health, especially chronic wounds like pressure sores.

As a fierce competitor in wheelchair racing, Daniel Romanchuk pushes 10 to 20 miles per day, six days a week, often overtaking the 100-mile mark. His top speed? "Somewhere in the 40s," he says.

All that training has paid off. He's taken the top prize in the London, Boston, New York and Chicago Marathons. He is in every way a champion.

Wound Healing for a Champion: Daniel Romanchuk's Story

This year was different, with the global spread of COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of marathons around the world. Athletes like Daniel have been left without the opportunity to defend their titles, and athletes of all levels have faced the challenge of changed plans, disrupted training, and maintaining motivation.

In true champion form, Daniel and his mother Kim decided to rally the troops and organize a virtual marathon in place of Boston’s race day. They brought together over 60 athletes of all levels from over a dozen countries, all competing on rollers from their living rooms, garages, or basements.

Although this year has brought unprecedented challenges, baseline health concerns haven’t disappeared and still need to be managed as life returns toward normal and global travel becomes a possibility again.

Challenges of the Road

Even in normal times, traveling around the world to compete can take its toll, even for highly-trained athletes like Daniel. Between the long hours, flight delays, cramped spaces, and new environments — it can be a challenge to stay healthy while flying.

For Daniel, one of the greatest concerns has been pressure injuries, commonly known as pressure sores. "I've had issues with pressure sores, especially around travel, just sitting in one spot the whole plane ride," he says.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pressure injuries can begin to form within just a few hours. They begin as an uncomfortable reddened area and then develop into open sores. These sores can lead to severe pain and infection, and they're a distraction and complication that Daniel can't afford as a competitor at the highest level.

So what's a world-class athlete to do?

Building Blocks of Nutritional Support

Proper healing is only possible if a person has enough extra calories and the right nutrients — protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals-while the body is generating new tissue. Just as you need the right materials to build or repair your home, your body needs high-quality nutrition available when it's healing.

Protein is extremely important to the wound healing process, because those amino acids are needed when damaged tissues are reforming. High-protein foods like meat, nuts, fish, chicken and beans are good choices to help support optimal healing.

A variety of colorful fruits and vegetables are also required in order to provide those essential micronutrients that promote healing. Leafy green veggies, carrots, blueberries, apples and others all support the body's efforts to repair.

Sometimes, however, nutrition from the normal diet alone can't provide enough of the specific nutrients needed, especially for a highly active athlete like Daniel. That's why he looks to Juven® to help provide essential nutrients to support wound healing.

Exceptional Support for Exceptional Healing

Juven is a therapeutic drink from Abbott backed by more than 40 clinical studies. It provides essential nutrients which have been clinically shown to support wound healing by enhancing collagen formation in as little as 2 weeks *. Collagen formation is critical in the wound healing process.

Because Juven is a compact powder, it's perfect for travel, and it can be added into 8 to 10 ounces of water, juice, etc.

Juven contains five ingredients that support the body's healing process. They are:

  • Arginine — is an amino acid that promotes nutrient rich blood flow and is a building block for proteins which can contribute to wound healing.
  • Glutamine — is an amino acid that helps cells produce the building blocks needed for new tissue.
  • HMB — helps to protect muscle cells and preserve and maintain muscle tissue.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen protein — helps stimulate internal collagen formulation.
  • Micronutrients — Zinc, vitamins C, E, B12 which are important in the wound healing process

While Juven supports the nutritional needs of people with pressure injuries, including world champions like Daniel, it can also support the nutritional needs for other wounds, like surgical incisions, radiation therapy damage, burns and diabetic foot ulcers.

"I Always Have to be Ready to Adapt"

Being a Boston, London, Chicago, and New York Abbott World Marathon Majors Champion means hours of travel and time away from home for Daniel. But armed with Juven in the event he needs it, Daniel can address pressure injuries quickly and stay on track with his training and competitions. Doing so has enabled him to remain focused, becoming a member of the coveted Six-Star Finishers, an elite group of athletes who have completed each of the six major world marathons.