Senior Vice President, Licensing, Acquisitions and Ventures

Scott Leinenweber is Abbott's Senior Vice President, Licensing, Acquisitions and Ventures. He was appointed to this role in July 2023. He previously served as Vice President, Investor Relations, Licensing and Acquisitions.


In his current role, Scott leads the team that seeks opportunities to grow and add value to a company and is responsible for carrying out transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and early-stage venture investments.


Scott joined Abbott in 1997 as a financial analyst, serving in a variety of finance, commercial and business leadership roles before joining the Investor Relations team in January 2013.


During his time in sales and marketing, Scott was able to see first-hand the difference a company like Abbott can make in the lives of the people we serve.


"I met people living with devastating diseases, but whose lives were measurably better thanks to the products we made," says Scott. "It absolutely reinforced the pride I had in working for Abbott."


Scott earned his bachelors degree in business administration, finance from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and his Masters of Business Administration degree from the Marquette University Graduate School of Business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.